Weinhof Sankt Anna

(Mosel, Germany)

Weinhof Sankt Anna is a small, family-run winery established by the Schwaab-Pfeiffer family more than a century ago in the village of Erden, located in the Middle Mosel. Jürgen Schwaab is now the fourth generation in charge, forced to take charge at the age of 30 when a serious illness struck his father. He has worked inexhaustibly since to improve the quality of the wines and to make the family proud of the historic winery. Three of the four hectares are located in the famous and very steep Erdener Treppchen and Kinheimer Hubertuslay vineyards. Jürgen knows that only manual work can produce the best fruit, despite the difficulty of the slopes. He manages to keep the dangling vines healthy by natural means. His oldest vines are 65 years old, ungrafted in Urziger Wurzgarten. In 1993, Jürgen’s father planted a small parcel with Grauburgunder to his mother’s preference for lower acids in the Kinheimer Hubertuslay vineyard. At harvest time, the work is done in the traditional manner with an intense grape selection at the vineyard and again in the cellar before pressing. The philosophy in the cellar makes Jürgen’s life easier: manipulation is minimal, the wine was made in nature and bringing the harmony of nature into the cellar. The wines are vinified steel tanks and only a small portion in old oak. Once in vessel, the wines are let to patiently process until the following spring when Jürgen sets to bottling. Tireless and ever-loyal to his tiny slopes on the Mosel, Jürgen is keeping the proud tradition of Sankt Anna alive for the next generation and is even better off than before.


Mosel, Riesling Kabinett, ‘Kinheimer Rosenberg’

100% Riesling

From 30 year old vines grown on gray slate, the soils are rejuvenated every five years with fresh compost; the grapes are handpicked around October 20 and sorted selectively, then moved to the press where they are pressed very lightly and slowly. Fermentation lasts for six weeks in 1,000 liter stainless steel, resting on lees until January.

Residual Sugar: 43.3 g/L
Acidity: 8.5 g/L
11.5% ABV


Mosel, Urziger Wurzgarten, Riesling Kabinett Feinherb

100% Riesling

From 19 year old Riesling vines grown on red shale, the soils are rejuvenated every five years with fresh compost; the grapes are all handpicked and sorted meticulously around October 20. Fermentation begins spontaneously in 1,000 liter stainless steel tanks and lasts about nine weeks under temperature-control, resting on lees until January.

Residual Sugar: 23.1 g/L
Acidity: 7.9 g/L
11.0% ABV