Weingut Petri

(Pfalz, Germany)

In 1655, their ancestors emigrated from the Tyrolean Otztal to the Palatinate, where depopulation was caused by the Thirty Years' War and soon found themselves cultivating a new home and then vines. The Petri family currently has 21ha under vine around Herxheim, a situation on the highest point of the mountain along the German wine road. With 14 generations of winemakers behind them, they pride themselves on eschewing all insecticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers, only intervening along the way when necessary so the wine may unfold naturally and unadulterated. They allow the wines to take their time with slow fermentation at low temperatures followed generally followed by long storage in barrel to enrich the nuances. 


Herxheimer Honigsack, Scheurebe Trockenbeerenauslese

100% Scheurebe. These 30 year old vines grow on Limestone and are hand-harvested in mid-October. No green harvesting; pre-harvesting in beginning of October for the “normal” Scheurebe quality to reduce the yield and get a better ripeness. No chemicals or herbicides are used. Fermentation takes place over four weeks in stainless steel and then aged in stainless steel for another six months after that. Alc. 13.5% by Vol.