(Dayton, Oregon)

(Pay-truh): from the Latin for "Rock". These wines are crafted by intensive hand-labor in the vineyard and a minimalist approach to cellar-work. "As little as possible, as much as necessary" is a fitting motto. They produce Riesling using traditional European techniques on American Soil. To aid Paetra's commitment to forgo herbicide-spraying, they are improving the microbial life in the soil by brewing and spraying actively-aerated compost teas, planting what they believe to be the most complete and complex cover-crop mixtures in the United States, and providing habitat for bees and other beneficial insects both with insect houses and complimentary in-row plant species. The reasons for these programs are simple: by providing a healthier, more natural habitat for the soil-food-web to flourish, we can ensure better nutrient uptake for the vines, increase organic matter in the soil, help to achieve a competitive balance regarding water in times of abundance and drought, and greatly increase the diversity of plants and animals in the vineyard which leads to a battle-royale.

Willamette Valley, Yamhill-Carlton

100% Riesling

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Willamette Valley, Pinot Gris

100% Pinot Gris

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