Monte Da Casteleja

(Algarve, Portugal) 

Located at the southern tip of Portugal, specifically in Lagos of the Algarve, is the estate that Guillaume’s grandfather purchased back in 1952 and included many agricultural and historic riches in its soils. The estate is name from a combination of an archaeological find dubbed “Casteleja” due to the remains of a small ancient Roman castle found on site and “Monte”, the typical word for a farm with a house at the top of the hill. Guillaume’s grandfather nurtured the land, but it was Guillaume’s French father that introduced him to the magic of wine and saw the potential of Portuguese wines, setting out to discover the world of wine on his own.  Upon these soils of clay and limestone are planted indigenous varietals of the area – Alfrocheiro, Bastardo, and Arinto amongst others – benefiting not only from their proximity to the cooling winds of the ocean, but also the soil’s ability to keep water deep below during the long summer months. Guillaume works organically, finding it to be the only socially responsible, ecological and sustainable way ensure the conservation of the environment and protect it for the future. 


Classico Tinto

60% Bastardo and 40% Alfrocheiro planted on clay and limestone; hand-harvested, with 8 hour maceration followed by fermentation for 15 days in stainless steel using ambient yeasts in temperature controlled setting. Aging takes place in 500L French oak for 1 year.