La Traviesa

(Granada, Spain)

This is the name of the “Negoce” business run by Vinos Auténticos and vinified in the premises of the family Valenzuela (Bodega Barranco Oscuro). The wines under this name are those made with grapes bought by winegrowers whose vineyards are situated in the mountain range “Sierra de La Contraviesa”. As these are a wines made out of the Appellation (Denominación de Origen), it is not allowed to say in the label the name of the area where they come from: “La Contraviesa” and that is why there is a word-game and the wines are called “La Traviesa” which means “Naughty”. The image in the label is from an old film called “Naughty Marietta”.

La Traviesa Tinto

100% Garnacha

The grapes are aged for one year in French Oak Barrels. Vinification: hand harvested, destemed, 3-5 days maceration and pressed. Fermentation during 20-30 days in inox. 2900 bottles are produced for the year.