Domaine Dupraz

(Savoie, France)

The estate is rooted in 1880, founded by Jeremy’s great-grandfather Louis Dupraz and grandfather Robert Dupraz. After a stint in computer science and commerce he came to winemaking, renaming the estate Domaine Dupraz in 2011 after expressing that he wanted to make wine with more specific traits of the terroir than his predecessors. At the foot of Granier the vines are forced to dig deep beneath the poor top soil for more fertile grounds. The estate averages 17-32 year old vines of Jacquere, Mondeuse, Malvasia, Roussette and Chardonnay covering approximately 10 hectares, with 5.6 hectares vinified by themselves harvested to the highest degree of care. Jeremy is the 7th generation to take up the wine making, aspiring to create wines to match his great-grandfather Luis while dabbling in other means of vinification that will express more truly the terroir he seeks to capture.

Currently converting to organic.

Apremont, "Le Moulin"

100% Jacquere

Coming Soon....


Apremont, "Les Terres Blanches"

100% Jacquere

60% from 90 year-old vines and 40% from 45 year-old vines fermented in stainless steel and aged for seven months. Due to poor top soil the vines are forced to seek for nutrients far below the surface. The wine takes on generous notes of lemon and white flowers, full with lemon zest acidity and pineapple pith.