(Rapolla, Italy)

Is the title of the Cardinal Camerlengo, who administers the Apostolic Chamber. They have called their wine Camerlengo to summon these noble origins and to introduce their guests to the history and traditions of Rapolla, which is rooted in the past of ancient peasant wisdom. Located on the slopes of Mount Vulture, this land is rich in vineyards, chestnuts and olive trees supplying a fertile soil that is abundant in silicon and potassium. In Rapolla, the climate is temperate with extreme temperature changes from day to night. It is this wonderful landscape where Camerlengo is located giving us a divine splendor of his vines.

Basilicata: Rosso, "Antelio"

100% Aglianico

These vines are aged from 8 - 12 years. The soil is clay with sandstone and volcanic deposits. These grapes are hand harvested in October. Fermented in chestnut oak and aged in 30/40/50 HL barrels.


Basilicata Rosso

100% Aglianico

From 15 - 20yr old vines. Sandstone and Clay soil with volcanic deposits. The vineyard is 2.5ha 500 meters. Fermentation is done in chestnut wood and aged in chestnut barrels and Tonneaux oak. 


Basilicata, "Accamilla"

60% Malvasia, 20% Santa Sofia and 20% Cinguli

These are 8 year old vines in clay and sandstone soil with volcanic deposits. These grapes are hand harvested in September. Vinified in chestnut wood and aged in tonneaux for two months. Unfiltered.